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Call-to-Action for Forgotten Gospel Bible Study

Each gathering for bible study should call the members to an

action based on the Forgotten Gospel. As noted earlier,

aligning with the Forgotten Gospel calls for followers of

Jesus to become Servants for Jesus. 

All followers of Christ are secure in their eternal salvation

AND they are also called by Jesus to serve “the other(s),”

called by Jesus the “least of these,” right where they live,

work, and gather. They are to be followers of Jesus. We

also call them Servants for Jesus.[1]

Also, I introduced the concept that followers have six

ways to serve others — with our eyes, ears, mind, hands,

feet, and voice in a section titled “Let’s Just Imagine.”[2]

Together, these two concepts become a call-to-action for each

participant in a bible study viewed through the Forgotten Gospel lens.

Download the PDF version of a call-to-action handout to be used with

each Forgotten Gospel bible study.

[1] Introduction from Servants for Jesus found on pages 75-77 of the book.

[2]“Let’s Just Imagine” is found on pages 77-79 of the book, and a worksheet for use in other meetings is on page 170.

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