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Where's Jesus?

When my now-grown children were young, one of their favorite bedtime books was

Where’s Waldo?  Truth be told, it was one of mine as well.

Now, our six grandchildren are following in their parents’ footsteps, and PaPa C, my

granddad name, gets to read "Where’s Waldo?" bedtime books once again.

If you’re familiar with the Waldo series, you know it’s based on a really simple concept:

Find Waldo on a page that is chock-full of other like-sized and visually similar

characters and objects in a story tableau. Waldo is dressed each time in a bold red and white striped shirt, a red and white striped hat, blue pants and big, round, black glasses, carrying a stack of books.

You might think he’d be easy to find, but trust me and thousands of parents and kids, he is NOT easy to find!

By now you may be wondering what the search for Waldo has to do the Gospel of Jesus.

Simply put, churches have been forgetting important aspects of Gospel for so long that finding the complete Gospel of Jesus, the Christ, in the church can seem a lot like looking for Waldo.

You ask, “What’s the complete Gospel of Jesus, the Christ?”

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