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Lyrics Reflecting the Forgotten Gospel

Why do we continue to sing “worship” songs that pray that the Spirit or Jesus come into our lives?

If we are saved, to do this is to deny that Jesus already came into our lives as He promised, and

as the story in the Gospels tells us He did. To deny this is to deny that Jesus lived, died and rose again.

We should remember that salvation through the Gospel of Christ promises salvation, yet salvation happens after death, not during life. And we should know that Jesus promised His followers that He would be with them, and give them power, to do what He did — that is to usher in the kingdom of God on earth.

When we understand His life and teachings and are encouraged and expected to actively follow Him with our lives, we will realize that from the moment of our salvation Jesus is with us in spirit and power. It’s what we do, then, that counts in our lives.

That’s why our “worship music” should, and must, include not just music that connects with our emotions, it must also include lyrics that accurately portray the complete Gospel of Jesus, the Christ.

While there is a place for lyrics that celebrate God and the salvation Gospel of Christ, there must also be a place for lyrics that reinforce the responsibility each believer has for living out the kingdom of God on earth Gospel of Jesus.

Recent, popular worship music in churches have taken the form of a theme phrase or two that are repeated in a chorus format using emotional music. This type of worship music doesn’t leave room to tell a story, they make a statement; and it’s that statement that can be so misleading while still sounding so powerful. 

Hymns generally take on the form of multiple verses allowing the space for the development of a theme. Yet hymns have been largely replaced by the chorus format described above.

Interestingly, non-denominational protestant churches, which are the fastest growing churches, have set hymn lyrics to music that connects with their desired audience, even singing all the verses. They also deliberately select lyrics that reinforce the sermon theme.

There are hundreds of worship songs with lyrics that reflect the complete Gospel of Jesus, the Christ, that can replace those that don’t.


Here are 25 songs with lyrics that reflect the Forgotten Gospel of Jesus. Let them be a catalyst for finding songs with lyrics that call us to followers of the life and teaching of Jesus.

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